We're creating a loving community of growth-oriented, non-affirming mamas.

The SMP Community Center

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This is a private community and all members are vetted before being invited to join. To complete this vetting process, please fill out the SMP Community Center Application.

To discover whether this community might be a good fit for your needs right now as the parent of a trans-identified young person, this may be a helpful article (this Mighty Network community has replaced the community formerly referred to as Founding Members)

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What members are saying...

"I am really loving this new site... I find myself coming here more, instead of heading down the rabbit hole or following my internal dialogue of rage. I'm redirecting my self to this community - were I am understood, and can get help to get on a better path." 

"Thank you for this so much.... The concept of co-rumination was fantastic because it's something I've been finding so troubling lately in the other groups, and then struggling personally so much with. To be fair, the co rumination in other groups was comforting at first, having support of a tribe. But it's no longer helpful. I'm spiraling and need to be surrounded by others who are digging out and learning and growing too.
I loved all the principles, thanks for your thoughtful attention to all of it!

"I came here to stop being stuck and start moving forward. I don't know what that means in practical terms, but I feel it's already happening. I feel the Stoic Mom Project has helped me in ways I don't understand yet to stop focusing on trying to control and to start focusing on enjoyment. That seems like a weird way to frame it, but really, what better thing is there than to value and enjoy the beautiful things you get to experience? I'm not yet in a place where I can do this all the time, but more and more. I'm hoping it rubs off. On my kids and maybe even on other people in my life."

"I am so grateful to have discovered this community. It is really helping - there is so much love and kindness and such a wealth of resources. This is an incredibly difficult time in my life but I am feeling hopeful and more at peace with everything."

"I appreciate not feeling so alone. This group is so important." 

What's Inside...

Most importantly, you'll find community. 

Other moms, like you, who are ready to get back to living. Or maybe they realize they weren't really living before and are now ready to discover how to create meaning and purpose for themselves. 

Deeply intentional moms who were destabilized by this circumstance and know they need to get back on solid ground. They're ready to (re)discover their core values, tune into their inner wisdom, and fall (back) in love with Life.  

In addition to authentic connections in a growth-oriented community, the vision for this space includes the following: 
  • Curated and member-sourced resources to help you reframe this circumstance as an opportunity to "become a better human." 
  • Monthly themes that support your healing and personal growth. 
  • Thoughtful prompts to keep you on track with new practices that bring out your best self as well as inspire rich conversation among community members. 
  • Free and premium programs to support you to evolve your relationships and find deeper joy and satisfaction in time spent with loved ones and quenching your very human needs for transcendence, meaning, and purpose. 
  • Special live events, often with special guests to bring you new ways to see the world and shape your experiences, offering you more stability, confidence, and ease.
  • Private, themed community so you can be confident that all members are vetted and have chosen a similar path. When faced with the reality of this destabilizing circumstance, we've chosen to work on our inner landscapes and to develop solid ground. We've chosen trust over fear, influence over control, healthy relationships over the need to be right.  

If you're interested in joining, please complete the SMP Community Center Application. (If you don't see a response within 24 hours, please check your spam folder for communication from [email protected]). Once your application is approved, you'll be sent an invitation to join this Mighty Network. This is a paid community and membership is required to enter.